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2. Section 2 Reading Comprehension

2.1 subsection


Summer Camps in Season!
STEM Camp July 10 to August 14, Cost: $180
90% of the jobs in the future will require STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) education. We find ways to make learning fun and exciting for students to help ensure their futures. Campers participate in fun and engaging STEM activities! Register: www.stemcamp.ca or call 519-475-6600.

Kandalore June 15 to 28, Cost: $2,340
The finest traditional camp in Canada, provides the best of both canoe adventures and in-camp activities. For more than 65 years, Kandalore has given campers the opportunity to know and be themselves. We create a warm and supportive environment where kids can express their unique self, grow in self-confidence and build lifetime friendships. Register: www.kandalore.com or call 416-322-9735.

ESL Summer Camp June 25 to July 21, Cost: $5,500
Pickering College has an exciting ESL summer camp for students aged 12-18 who want to learn English and experience the wonders of summer at our 42 acre campus; students enjoy the excellent dormitory, dining, academic, and social facilities of one of Canada’s oldest independent schools. Register: www.pickeringcollege.edu.ca or call 905-175-8900.

DEEP Summer Academy August 16 to 26, Cost: $465
We provide highly motivated high school students from across the world with the opportunity for advanced study in a variety of engineering, technology, business and science subjects. Organized by the University of Toronto. DEEP is one of the most diverse pre-university engineering programs all over the world with scholarships. Register: www.outreach.engineering.utoronto.ca or call 416-946-0816

STEM夏令营 7月10日至8月14日,费用:180美元

Kandalore夏令营 6月15日至28日,费用:2,340美元
加拿大最好的传统营地,提供最佳的独木舟探险活动和露营活动。 65年多以来,Kandalore为露营者提供了解和做自己的机会。我们创造了一个温暖和乐于助人的环境,让孩子们能够表达自己独特的自我,在自信中成长并建立终生的友谊。注册:www.kandalore.com或致电416-322-9735。

ESL夏令营 6月25日至7月21日,费用:5,500美元

DEEP夏季学院 8月16日至26日,费用:465美元
我们为来自世界各地具有高度上进心的高中学生,提供在各种工程、技术、商业和科学科目中进行高级学习的机会。该夏令营由多伦多大学组织。 DEEP是世界上最多样化且提供奖学金的大学预科工程项目之一。注册:www.outreach.engineering.utoronto.ca或致电416-946-0816

  1. Which number should you call if you want to improve your English?
    1. 519-475-6600
    2. 416-322-9735
    3. 416-946-0816
    4. 905-175-8900
  2. When will the shortest camp start?
    1. On August 16
    2. On June 15
    3. On June 25
    4. On July 10
  3. Where can you go if you are interested in the experience of adventure?
    1. DEEP Summer Academy
    2. STEM Camp
    3. ESL Summer Camp
    4. Kandalore
  4. How similar are STEM Camp and DEEP Summer Academy?
    STEM Camp和DEEP Summer Academy有多相似?
    1. They both offer scholarships for students.
    2. They provide the same courses for students.
    3. They both prepare students for their development.
    4. They are both designed for international students.


one of my mom’s favorite things to say is, “Do the right thing, at the right time, and you will never be sorry.” While I was growing up, those words didn’t mean very much to me. I would just wrinkle my nose every time I heard them.

This year, with the thought of going away to college rising in my mind, I have found myself reflecting on that advice. I believe the quality of our life is decided when doing something to benefit someone else rather than ourselves. It isn’t found in those extraordinary moments of great beliefs, but rather in everyday, more ordinary times, when we have the opportunity to brighten someone’s day or make someone smile.

When my grandfather was sick, I heard Mom saying, “Call right now.” I had just gotten home from school, and all I wanted to do was relax, but I made the call. After hearing the gratitude in my grandfather’s voice and knowing how much it meant to him. I knew I “did the right thing at the right time”.

I’m not sure what college I will be attending next year, but I am sure that Mom’s words will be echoing around me. When the lonely girl in the dorm room across the hall is by herself, I will invite her to dinner. When a friend needs help studying for a final exam, I will help her when she asks. When I see a friend hurting herself with an eating disorder, I will take her to a doctor. Those words that I didn’t think much about growing up have become a part of me, without my even realizing it. My belief will at ways be to “do the right thing, at the right time”, so I will never be sorry.





  1. The author once thought of her mother’s words as_.
    1. disappointing
    2. inspiring
    3. meaningless
    4. important
  2. Which of the following does the author agree according the text?
    1. We should listen carefully when others give us advice.
    2. We should do something great if we want to become famous.
    3. Smiling to ourselves at times makes us live a happier life.
    4. Doing something to benefit others improves our life as well.
  3. What does the underlined word “gratitude” in Paragraph 3 probably mean?
    1. Confidence
    2. Concern
    3. Regards
    4. Thanks
  4. What’s the last paragraph mainly about?
    1. The author’s life at college.
    2. The author’s belief in giving help.
    3. The author’s view on friendship.
    4. The author’s trouble in growing up.


One way of preventing floods may be making rain! This may sound rather strange. As we know, heavy rain is the cause of floods, and in Malaysia most of the floods are caused by the annual monsoon, which brings heavy rain to the east coast. If, however, the rain could be made to fall in the China Sea, there would be no more floods since the rain clouds would not reach the east coast.

Is it possible to make clouds give up their rain? Yes, it is, and in 1973 the National Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research (NISIR) suggested that it would be tried. The institute knew of course that it is not possible to make all clouds give up all their rain. It calculated, however, that if the frequency of rainfall could be reduced by 10%, and the amount of rain that fell each time could be reduced by 15%, the total amount of flood damage would be reduced by 40%-50%.

Aa you probably know, clouds are caused by air containing water-vapor. The air rises and, since water-vapor becomes water when it cools, very tiny drops of water are formed. Since these drops are very small, they float in the air, and form cloud. When the cloud rises, however, the drops become colder. Because of this, they join together and become big drops. The big drops are no longer able to float because of their size, and they fall. As they fall, they pick up more drops and become bigger. This is the cause of rain.



你可能知道,云是由含有水蒸气的空气形成的。空气上升,并且由于水蒸气在冷却时变成水,因此形成非常微小的水滴。由于这些水滴非常小,它们漂浮在空气中,形成云。然而,当云升起时,水滴变得更冷。因此,他们结合起来成为大水滴。由于它们的尺寸比较大,大水滴不再能够漂浮,它们会掉落。随着它们的下降,它们会携带更多的水滴 并变大。这是下雨的原因。

  1. According to the text, one way of preventing floods is __
    1. to bring heavy rain.
    2. to make the rain clouds.
    3. to cause monsoon in the sea.
    4. to make the rain fall in the sea.
  2. What does the underlined word “it” in Paragraph 3 refer to?
    1. Cloud

    2. Water

    3. Rain

    4. Air
  3. What’s the last paragraph mainly means?
    1. How clouds cause rain.
    2. How rain is formed.
    3. How clouds rise in the air.
    4. Why water-vapor can float in the air.
  4. What can we infer from the text?
    1. The higher the air rises, the higher the temperature is.
    2. The clouds rise, and the water vapor become smaller.
    3. The higher the air rises, the lower the temperature gets.
    4. The rain is mostly caused by cold water-vapor.


All over the world mothers and fathers teach their children manners. Other children may have manners that are not like yours. There are all kinds of manners.

Many years ago, children who had good manners were seen and not heard. They kept quiet if grown-ups were talking. Today, well-mannered children have more freedom.

Somethings good manners in one place are bad manners in other places. Suppose you are a visitor in the land of Mongolia. Some friends ask you to eat with them. What kind of manners do they want you to have? They want you to give a loud “burp” after you finish eating. Burping would show that you like your food. In some countries, if you give a loud burp, you are told to say “Excuse me, please.” In many places people like to eat together. But in some parts of Polynesia it is bad manners to be seen eating at all. People show good manners by turning their backs on others while they eat. What are manners like in an East African town? The people try not to see you. They are being polite. You may see a friend. He may not see you at all. If you are polite, you will sit down beside him. You will wait until he finishes what he is doing. Then he will talk to you. Suppose you visit a friend in Arabia. You should walk behind the other tents until you come to his tent. If you pass in front of the other tents, you will be asked to each one. The people will ask you to eat with them. And it is bad manners if you say no.

Manners are different all over the world. But it is good to know that all manners begin in th same way. People need ways to show that they want to be friends.





  1. What was the polite behavior of children in the past?
    1. Looking into adults’ eyes while talking
    2. Keeping silent while adults were talking
    3. Slipping into the house without being heard
    4. Not opening their mouths until spoken to
  2. Which custom should we follow in order to look well-mannered?
    1. Saying “Excuse me” on burping in Mongolia
    2. Inviting guests to dinner together in Polynesia
    3. Talking with a friend before he completes things in East Africa
    4. Accepting an eating invitation in Arabia
  3. What can we infer from the text?
    1. Hear much, speak little
    2. Love me, love my dog
    3. When in Rome do as the Romans do
    4. Do what you ought to and come what you can

2.2 subsection

Are you having trouble concentrating when you’re reading a book or listening to a lecture? This list of activities might help to improve your study habits.

Make a list. We often have trouble paying attention to one thing because your brain wants to think about something else. 36 You don’t worry about whatever else you should be doing.

Sleep more. Studies show that people who sleep fewer than eight hours a night for a period of time have slower response systems and more difficulty recalling information. 37

Eat Healthier foods. Many people enjoy foods high in fats and sugars. 38 They might give you a temporary burst of energy. However, that energy is soon followed by a crash.

Reduce screen time. This may be the most unpopular suggestion among young people. Screen time — time spent looking at cell phones, televisions, computer screens, has a clear effect on the attention span. 39

40 Concentration improves for students who participate in team sports. It could be that being active is helpful in this way. Participating in a sport trains your brain to concentrate on specific tasks, and shut out other thoughts.

  1. Be active.
  2. Practice more.
  3. These foods can provide enough energy for focusing.
  4. But these foods can’t be helpful enough when it comes to focusing.
  5. That is bad news for teens who stay up studying the night before a test.
  6. Researchers advise parents to limit it when their children need to be focused.
  7. By writing down all the things you need to do, you’ll gain a sense of control.


列一个列表。我们经常难以关注一件事,因为你的大脑想要考虑其他事情。 36 你不担心你应该做的其他事情。

多睡点。研究表明,在一段时间内每晚睡眠时间少于8小时的人的反应系统较慢,并且更难以回忆信息。 37

吃更健康的食物。许多人喜欢富含脂肪和糖的食物。 38 他们可能会给你一点暂时的能量。然而,这种能量很快就会消失。

缩短看屏幕时间。这可能是年轻人中最不受欢迎的建议。屏幕时间—看手机、电视机、电脑屏幕的时间,对注意力跨长有明显的影响。 39

40 参加团体运动的学生的注意力有所提高。这可能是以这种方式处于活跃是有帮助的。参加一项运动会训练你的大脑专注于特定的任务,并关闭其他想法。

  1. 活跃。
  2. 锻炼更多。
  3. 这些食物可以为聚中注意力提供足够的能量。
  4. 但是这些食物在聚中注意力方面不够有用。
  5. 对于那些在考试前一晚熬夜学习的青少年来说,这是个坏消息。
  6. 研究人员建议父母在孩子需要集中注意力时限制它。
  7. 通过写下你需要做的所有事情,你将获得控制感。

Section 3 the applications of English Knowledge

subsetion 3.1

One of Mark Twain’s classic novels is The Adventure of Tom Sawyer. It is set in a small American town in the 19th century. The people in this town are very traditional and live a quiet life.

The story is about a boy called Tom Sawyer, who lives with his aunt Polly. He is often in trouble with his aunt. Aunt Polly is very kind, but Tom thinks she is always trying to control him.

Tom is different from the other children in the town. He loves adventure. He does a lot of bad things, but he never really hurts anyone. He tried very hard not to go to school, and often jumps out of his bedroom window at night to meet his friends. He is very clever. One day, Aunt Polly asks him to do some painting, and he manages to get all the boys in the town to do the work for him by inventing a new painting game. It is these little stories that make readers want to keep reading the novel, but it is the adventures that is the most important part of the book.

Tom’s best friend is Huck Finn, a boy who has no home. In one adventure, they spend the night outside, and they see a man kill another man in the dark. Later in the book, Tom, Huck and another boy decide to leave the town because they think that life there is boring. They run away to an island in the middle of a river. They make fires, catch fish and sleep under the stars. They also make a boat to travel up and down the river. Without seeing the boys for days, the people in the town think they have died. One day, when Tom comes back to his aunt’s house to leave a letter telling that he is not dead, he hears his aunt talking about his funeral. Then Tom has an idea. On the morning of their funeral, the boys run back into town and attend their own funeral before telling everyone that they are still alive.





subsection 3.2

British and American English are different in many ways. The first and most obvious way is in the vocabulary. There are hundreds of different words which are not used on the other side of the Atlantic. For example, Americans use automobiles, freeways, gas, cabs and subways while the British use cars, motorways, petrol, taxis and undergrounds. Besides, sometimes the same word used by Americans and the British has a slightly different meaning, which can be confusing.

There are a few differents in grammar, too. In addition, the two varieties differ in spelling and pronunciation. American spelling seems simpler: center, color and program instead of centre, colour and programme. Many factors have influenced American pronunciation since the first settlers arrived four hundred years ago. But a Londoner doesn’t have much difficulty to understand a New Yorker.

The two varieties are moving closer. For more than a century, communications across the Atlantic have developed steadily, which has led to lots of American words and structures passing into British English. So, don’t worry. Users of English will all be able to understand each other — wherever they are.




Section 4 Writing

Subsection 4.1

During the summer holidays, my parents and I paid a visit to my grandparents by train. There were a large number of people and the train was crowded, but everyone helped those who had lots of baggage and behaved politely. Along the way, we enjoyed beautiful views. At first, we saw one hill after one. Then what came into view were fields with green crops. After a six-hour trip, we arrived at my grandparents’ house. Although I felt tired, but I was happy to see my grandparents, whom I had not seen for a long time. It’s really an exciting trip because it was the first time that I had taken so a long-distance train.