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第二部分 阅读理解



Travelcard is a kind of tickets that can be used on almost all London public transport.

  • Online exclusive: you cannot buy a paper 7 Day Travelcard from Underground stations in London – it can only be bought in advance.

  • Unlimited travel: the Travelcard gives you unlimited travel on London’s public transport network.

  • No queuing: while other visitors wait in line at the train station with their heavy bags, you’ll be ready to travel as soon as you arrive in London.

  • Low prices: a Travelcard is of great value, and you get a discount on the Thames Riverboats and Emirates Airlines cable car.

Should I buy an Anytime Travelcard or an OffPeak Travelcard?

It depends on what time of the day you will be travelling:

Anytime Travelcards can be used at any time; OffPeak Travelcards are cheaper, but cannot be used on Monday to Friday before 9:30 am.

Which zones do I need a Travelcard for?

The center of London, including most major attractions, is in Zones 1-2.(包括大多数主要景点在内,伦敦的中心位于1-2区。) Most suburban areas of London, including Wembley Stadium and Wimbledon Tennis Club, are within Zones 1-4.(包括温布利球场温布尔登网球俱乐部在内,伦敦的大多数郊区位于1-4区域。) Almost the whole of London, including Heathrow and City Airports, is in Zones 1-6.(包括希思罗机场城市机场在内,几乎整个伦敦都位于1-6区域。) Tickets prices:(车票价格:)

Adult: (16+) Child: (11-15)—Under 11 travel free, 11+ need their own travel tickets.(成人:(16岁以上) 小孩:(11岁-15岁)— 11岁以下免票乘车,11岁以上需要单独买票乘车。)

N/A: Not available (N/A:不提供)

London Travelcards can be used on(伦敦旅游卡可用于):

  • London Underground (the Tube)(伦敦地铁(管子1))
  • Overground and National Rail trains in London(伦敦的地上和国家铁路列车)
  • London buses (in any Zone, irrespective of the zones shown on the ticket)(伦敦巴士(在任何区域,不论车票上显示的区域))
  • Docklands Light Railway (DLR)(码头区轻轨)
Zones 1-2 Zones 1-3 Zones 1-4 Zones 1-5 Zones 1-6
1 Day Anytime N/A N/A Adult: 12.10; Child: 6.00; N/A Adult: 17.20; Child: 8.60;
1 Day OffPeak N/A N/A N/A N/A Adult: 12.10; Child: 6.00;
7 Day Anytime Adult: 32.40; Child: 19.00; Adult: 38.00; Child: 19.00; Adult: 46.50; Child: 23.30; Adult: 55.20; Child: 27.60; Adult: 59.10; Child: 29.60;
Single Journay N/A N/A N/A N/A Adult: 6.00; Child: 3.00;

(Zones 1-2: 区域1-2;Zones 1-3:区域1-3;Zones 1-4:区域1-4;Zones 1-5:区域1-5;Zones 1-6:区域1-6)
(Adult: 12.10; Child: 6.00;(成人:12.10磅;小孩:6.00磅;))

  1. Which of the following statements is TRUE about the London Travelcard?(有关伦敦旅游卡的以下哪项陈述是正确的?)
    A. you can buy it from Underground stations in London
    B. it saves you a lot of time waiting in line to get a ticket
    C. its price is based on how many times you want to travel
    D. With it you can get a discount on all transport in London

  2. If you want to travel from central London to Wembley Stadium after 10am and stay at your friend’s home nearby for a week, which is your best choice?(如果您想在上午10点之后从伦敦市中心前往温布利体育场,并在附近的朋友家中住一个星期,哪个是您的最佳选择?)
    A. 1 Day Anytime Travelcard for Zones 1-4
    B. 1 Day OffPeak Travelcard for Zones 1-6
    C. Single Journey Travelcard for Zones 1-6
    D. 7 Day Anytime Travelcard for Zones 1-4

  3. If Jack is planning to take his two kids (aged 10 and 16) to travel in the centre of London with 7 Day Anytime tickets, he should pay ___ (如果杰克计划带着他的两个孩子(10岁和16岁),在伦敦市中心使用7天不限时旅行卡旅行,他应该付多少钱?)
    A. 32.40 B. 48.6 C. 64.80 D. 81.00

  4. A London Travelcard for Zones 1-4 can Not be used on ___(伦敦1-4区旅行卡不能用于)
    A. London buses in Zones 1-6
    B. National Rail trains in central London
    C. the Docklands, Light Railway with Zone 4
    D. the London Underground get to Heathrow Airport.


Many years later, when people recall the 2018 Russia World Cup, they will remember many things. With the tragic ending of the defending champion Germany, Mexico has triumphantly and suddenly lost three goals in the face of Sweden. But people will never forget the back of a lonely people. That is Lionel Messi.

31-year-old Messi took off the green armband of his left arm and suddenly fell out. In the recent match, he and his team lost the game against France. The 19-year-old striker Mbappe relentlessly ripped apart the Argentine defense line and scored twice, which made a great contribution to the victory of France.

On this planet, anyone who knows a little about football knows the name Lionel Messi and his golden years from 2007 to 2017.

In 2007, 19-year-old Messi tied Real Madrid three times with a hat-trick, and begin his legendary career.

In the past ten years, Mr. Football, the Golden Globe Award and the Golden Boot Award have been taken over by him.

He led Argentina and Barcelona to make a name for themselves in the world, and has a brilliant record in the Champions League, America’s Cup and World Cup.

Eleven years later, Messi stood on the Kazan Stadium. After four World Cups, he knew that this might be the last time he led Argentina to the World Cup.

Since 1986, Argentina has never won a championship again. As a captain, he has a great responsibility, even stating that he would withdraw from the national team if he did not win the championship this year.

This is a prophecy.

Messi, who eventually failed to save the game, did not receive any interview after standing up on the lawn; leave behind only a legendary image for the world.

  1. The underlined word “relentlessly” in paragraph 2is closest in meaning to__?
    A.mercilessly B.bravely C.actively D.remarkably

  2. Why did Messi take off the green armband of his left arm?
    A.It is a common action of football players after each match.
    B.He was disappointed about the result of the game.
    C.He was too tired and wanted to change his clothes.
    D.He was wounded on the arm during the game.

  3. Which of the following statement is TRUE?
    A.Messi has ever played in Real Madrid and Barcelona.
    B.Messi began his football career since 2007.
    C.Argentina won the championship of the America’s Cup in 1986.
    D.Messi might quit the Argentina National Team this year.


31岁的梅西脱下左臂的绿色臂章,并且突然倒下。在最近的比赛中,他和他的球队输掉了对阵法国的比赛。 19岁的前锋姆巴佩无情地摧毁了阿根廷队的防线,并且两次得分,为法国的胜利做出了巨大的贡献。









  1. 第2段中带下划线的词“无情地”与___的含义最接近?
    A.mercilessly(无情地) B.bravely(勇敢地) C.actively(积极地) D.remarkably(不平常地)

  2. 为什么梅西脱掉左臂的绿色臂章?

  3. 以下哪项陈述是正确的?


North and South Koreans face a widening language divide caused by 70 years of seperations. That is creating some communication problems for the two countries’ first joint Olympic team as it prepares for 2018 Winter Games in Pyeong Change, South Korea.

So, the joint women’s hockey team has created its own dictionary. The three-page document translated important hockey terms from English into south Korean, and then into North Korean.

Canadian Sarah Murray is the team’s coach, She says the document has helped everybody communicate. Team Korea was formed just two weeks ago after the two Koreas decided to suddenly cooperate during the Olympics. Twelve players from North Korea were then added to the 23 member South Korean team.

South Korea has incorporated many English words and phrases into its language. North Korea has removed foreign words and created substitutes from Korean words. To many South Koreans, the substitues sound funny.

Language experts say about one-third of the everyday words used in the two countries are different. The divide is wider with technical language, like that used for medical and sports industries. For example, South Korean hockey players use the English word “pass”, but their North Korean teammates say “yeol lak” or “communication”. North Koreans say “nahl gay soo” meaning “wing player”. South Koreans call that position “wing” like in English. South Koreans say “block shot” while North Koreans say “buhduh make” or “stretching to block”.

Murray admits that there are still some problems in communication even with the new dictionary. She said her South Korean assistant coach plays an important part in bridging the divide. Some in South Korea have criticized the partnership. They argue that the addtion of players from North Korea players may prevent South Korean players from playing as much. One early public opinion study found that about 70 percent of South Koreans opposed the joint team.

However, that opposition appears to be lessening as the Olympics near.

  1. What factor mainly causes the communication barriers for North and South Joint Hockey Team?
    A.The team was suddenly formed in a hurry.
    B.They are devoted to preparing the Winter Olympics.
    C.There exists a gap between the two language.
    D.They have been separated from each other for 70 years.

  2. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?
    A.South Korean players are so critical of the joint Olympic team.
    B.There are altogether 35 players in the joint Olympic team.
    C.Murray from Canada doubts the three-page document in their communication.
    D.North Korean assistant coach plays an important role in their communication.

  3. How do the joint team solve the communication problems?
    A.South Korean brings in English words but North Korean created substitutes from Korea.
    B.They translate important hockey terms from English into South Korean.
    C.They translate important hockey terms from South Korean into North Korean.
    D.They use English to bridge the language gaps with the help of their own dictionary.

  4. What is the author’s attitude towards the joint hockey team?
    A.Supportive B.Negative C.Objective D.Subjective



加拿大人Sarah Murray是球队的教练,她说这份文件帮助了所有人进行交流。高丽队(Team Korea)在两个星期前成立,此前两个高丽突然决定在奥运会期间合作。来自朝鲜的12名球员随后加入了拥有23名队员的韩国队。


语言专家说,这两个国家使用的日常用语中有三分之一是不同的。技术语言的差距越大,例如医疗和体育用语。例如,韩国曲棍球运动员使用英文单词“pass”,但他们的朝鲜队友说“yeol lak”或“communication”。朝鲜人说“nahl gay soo”意思是“翼球员”。韩国人把这个位置称为“翼”,就像英语里一样。韩国人说“块状射击”,而朝鲜人说“buhduh制造”或“伸展阻挡”。



  1. 什么因素主要导致南北联合曲棍球队的沟通障碍?

  2. 根据该文章片段,以下哪一项是正确的?

  3. 联合团队如何解决沟通问题?

  4. 作者对联合曲棍球队的态度是什么?
    A.支持 B.否定 C.客观的 D.主观的


In cooperation with German experts, several scientists from the University of Bradford believe that they finally solved a mystery that has been confusing millions of people: why our hair turns gray with age.

The researchers came up with their results by examining native hair and cells from human hair follicles. They say the secret turns out to be hidden in catalase, which is causing hair to turn gray.

Catalase production goes down with age and stress, allowing hydrogen peroxide in the hair to do its favorite job — making hair gray, and then white, by blocking the normal production of melanin. Melanin is our hairs natural pigment that is responsible for the color of hair. It also determines the color of our eyes and skin.

Dr. Gerald Weizmann, an editor of a journal, says that our hair cells make a tiny bit of hydrogen peroxide, but as we get older, this little bit becomes quite a lot, and our hair turns gray and then white.

The new study brings hope for millions of people who have to color their hair to finally obtain some shampoo that will decrease levels of hydrogen peroxide and therefore restore gray or white hair to its natural color or even prevent it from turning gray.

The researchers are already conducting an experiment with such a drug on a few volunteers with gray hair and expect to get the results in the next two to three months, if everything works out, millions of people will choose between this drug and other previously used expensive dyes. However, even if the drug works, it will take at least several years before it can be brought to the market.

  1. What is the passage mainly about?
    A.The effect that gray hair has on people.
    B.The chemical elements of people’s hair.
    C.The reason why people’s hair turns gray.
    D.New drugs to prevent people’s hair from turning gray.

  2. According to the passage, people’s hair turns gray because of__.
    A.a decrease in catalase B.the death of hair cells
    C.the production of melanin D.a decrease in hydrogen peroxide

  3. Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the passage?
    A.The new study shows it’s harmful to color our hair with dyes.
    B.Dr. Gerald Weizmann is in charge of the new drug experiment.
    C.Our hair cells make lots of hydrogen peroxide when we are young.
    D.We may restore our gray or white hair to its natural color with shampoo.

  4. What can we learn from the last paragraph?
    A.Only a small number of people can use the new drug.
    B.Most of the volunteers in the experiment are old people.
    C.The drug cannot be brought to the market soon even if it works.
    D.The researchers have already known the results of the experiment.



随着年龄的增长和压力的增大,过氧化氢酶的产生量下降,使头发中的过氧化氢能够做到最喜欢的工作 — 通过阻止黑色素的正常生成使头发变灰,然后变成白色。黑色素是我们的头发天然色素,负责控制头发的颜色。它还决定了我们眼睛和皮肤的颜色。

一位期刊编辑Gerald Weizmann博士说,我们的毛细胞会产生一点点过氧化氢,但随着年龄的增长,这一点变得非常多,我们的头发会变成灰色,然后变成白色。



  1. 这篇文章主要是关于什么的?

  2. 根据这篇文章,人们的头发因为___而变成灰色。
    A.过氧化氢酶降低 B.毛细胞死亡
    C.黑色素的产生 D.过氧化氢的减少

  3. 根据该段落,以下哪项陈述是正确的?
    B.Gerald Weizmann博士负责新药实验。

  4. 我们可以从最后一段中学到什么?


Did you feel like the negative remark, was more influential than the compliments that you received earlier? If the answer to the question is “Yes”, then you are not alone. 36 .

When negative remarks come about, you remind yourself that it is only someone’s opinion and everyone is entitled to express their opinions. They have the right to say anything they want to say. 37 . You can choose to do whatever you feel necessary with that person’s opinion. When I was a kid, I heard a saying — “A barking dog won’t stop a moving carriage.” That is to say if a carriage is moving and a dog is running after it while barking, the carriage won’t stop because of that dog’s barking.

As to campus bullying, I suggest an exercise to kids who are being bullied at school. 38 . Take a deep breath, in through your nose. Exhale out of our mouth, and pretend there is a drinking straw in your mouth so that you exhale air in a straight line. This short exercise will be calming, and allow you to stay cool.

39 . I personally do not know anyone who is calm. What I’m suggesting is that you learn to productively deal with other people’s negatively, and take control of your emotions and thoughts. In an article in Psychology Today, Dr Raj Raghunathan says, “The difference between ordinary people and extraordinary people is simple. Extraordinary people choose to listen to their positivity and ignore other people’s negativity.” 40 . So you should learn how to deal with negative remarks and not let them control your emotions and thoughts.

A. Meantime, you choose to be affected by the negative remarks.
B. They see things differently.
C. There are many people feeling like this, but you all need to learn how to handle negative remarks.
D. As far as I’m concerned, some else’s opinion is not necessarily a reflection of your reality.
E. Now I’m not asking you to become calm.
F. Therefore, you must stay calm.
G. Please do the exercise next time someone is pushing your buttons or getting under your skin, and you’re about to lose your temper.

您是否觉得,负面评论比您之前收到的赞美更有影响力?如果你的答案是“是”,那么你并不孤单。 36

当负面评论出现时,你提醒自己这只是某人的意见,每个人都有权表达自己的意见。他们有权说出他们想说的话。 37 。您可以选择根据该人的意见做任何您认为必要的事情。当我还是个孩子的时候,我听到了一句话 — “一只吠狗不会阻止一辆移动的马车。”也就是说,如果一辆马车正在移动,有一只狗跟在后面吠叫,马车不会因为那只狗的吠叫而停下来。

至于校园欺凌,我建议在学校被欺负的孩子进行一项锻炼。 38 。通过鼻子深吸一口气。从我们的嘴里呼出气,并假装嘴里有吸管,这样你就可以直线呼出空气。这个短暂的运动将使你平静,让你保持冷静。

39 。我个人不认识任何冷静的人。我所建议的是,你学会有效地对待别人的负面评论,并控制你的情绪和想法。在《今日心理学》(Psychology Today)上的一篇文章中,Raj Raghunathan博士说:“普通人和非凡人之间的区别很简单。非凡的人选择倾听他们的积极一面而忽视别人的消极一面。” 40 。所以你应该学习如何处理负面言论,而不是让他们控制你的情绪和想法。

G.请在下次有人按下你的按钮或跑到你的皮肤下(getting under your skin)时,进行锻炼,并且你就要发脾气了。

第三部分 英语知识运用

第一节 完形填空

There is a good chance that you have played Monopoly. In case you have not played this board game, a quick explanation is in order. At the start of the game all the players are given some fake cash. Then every player gets to roll the dice to move around the board. When they land on a property on the board they can buy it if it is not already owned. But if it is already owned by another player they have to pay rent to the owner . The more properties you own the more rent you collect . The aim of the game is to control the entire economy. The game ends when the “monopolist” owns everything and all other players are driven into bankruptcy.

Over the years this game has come to be seen by many adults as a good game to “teach” children financial knowledge. It not only helps children understand how the world of money operates , but also “teaches” them skills to negotiate and make tough decisions, necessary life skills, in today’s competitive world.

What might surprise you is that before this game was called “Monopoly”, it was called “The Landlord’s Game”. The game designer Elizabeth Magie had almost the opposite vision of what the game has now come to be. She wanted to use the game to teach the dangers of cruel capitalism.

Perhaps when you play this game next time, you will think carefully before totally bankrupting your best friend.

41. A.In case B.As if C.Unless D.After
42. A.response B.recovery C.example D.explanation
43. A.paid B.given C.shown D.return
44. A.Still B.Then C.Finally D.Perhaps
45. A.buy B.earn C.pick D.borrow
46. A.owner B.renter C.starter D.designer
47. A.owe B.afford C.reduce D.collect
48. A.ruin B.study C.control D.develop
49. A.nothing B.anything C.something D.everything
50. A.adults B.children C.merchants D.games
51. A.detailed B.advanced C.financial D.political
52. A.changes B.operates C.begins D.ends
53. A.original B.urgent C.necessary D.related
54. A.new B.digital C.strange D.competitive
55. A.annoy B.attract C.satisfy D.surprise
56. A.noce B.before C.though D.because
57. A.double B.unique C.opposite D.same
58. A.use B.win C.host D.accept
59. A.future B.dangers C.inventions D.importance
60. A.back B.aloud C.carefully D.independently



可能令你惊讶的是,在这个游戏被称为“垄断”之前,它被称为“地主的游戏”。游戏设计者伊丽莎白·马吉(Elizabeth Magie),对这个游戏有着与目前几乎相反的看法。她想利用这个游戏来教导人们认识残酷资本主义的危害。



President Donald Trump’s trade wars have reached Silicon Valley.

The Trump administration is considering taxes on networking equipment from China. That could spell trouble for companies that buy Chinese components for their global (globe) cloud computing operations, such as Google, Facebook and Amazon, analysts say.

And chip makers such as Intel could face taxes on computer chips. US companies often send mostly finished (finish) chips to China for manufacture, testing and packaging (package). Those companies could pay a fine when those chips are shipped (ship) back into the country.

So far, US tech giants have largely (large) stayed out of the trade fight. The threat of tariffs on tech products from China could force Silicon Valley leaders to be more outspoken (outspoken) about their concerns than before.

Modems and routers are on a list of Chinese goods (good) worth $200 billion that could face 10% tariffs in the United States after August 30. A tariff on those products could also hurt the tech industry, which uses huge IT networks to deliver products and services around the globe.






第四部分 写作

第一节 短文改错

This afternoon, our class has a discussion about being polite. Politeness, means communicating or taking actions with love, can make life beautiful. We should be polite not only to the people but also to things. I love reading books and a few days ago I read that love things so they will love us back. That’s because we shouldn’t destroy public things. It is no doubt that being polite is a good virtue and good deed as well. If you want to be polite, first be polite to yourself, and then to others and everything in every situation. When you give love to people and things, you will get back love with certainty.

  1. 这是一种戏称,因地铁像是地下的一条条管子。↩︎