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  • 看懂了一篇英文报道,
  • 听懂了一集英文电影,
  • 看懂了一本英文书籍,
  • 能写出一封意思准确的英文邮件,
  • 能大致地将自己所想用英语口语表达出来。



The purpose of learning English

Why learn English?

It may seem a little weird to ask such a question. Since, there is no student who don’t learn English, and there is no school where English is not being taught. What makes it worse (for those hate English) is that there is no major examination that does not include English.

Getting good points is the purpose of learning English for most of the students.

This purpose is a not so bad intermediate one in fact, but, it has been put on a over-high position while the original purpose of learning English is ignored, under the exam-preparation, such as college enrollment exam, environments.

So, what should be the original purpose of learning English? Languages are just tools for communication and exchange informations. The aim is realized if we can communicate and exchange informations with outsiders throught the language we learned. The ways we communicate with others or get informations could be

  • read a piece of English newspaper,
  • watch an English episode of movie,
  • read an English book,
  • write an English email clearly,
  • express yourself correctly by oral ways.

Learning a foreign language is not easy when we think it twice, especially if we want to have a good command of both reading, listensing and speaking.

Actually, it is not necessary to be good at all of listening, speaking and writing for an average English learner. After a basic ability of listening, speaking and writing, if we can use English as a tool, we will get into a virtuous cycle: learn English -> information, to get more information -> motivated to learn more English, aquire more information -> English practiced more, finnaly English is conquered and information is understood easily.